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“Chong chin cho, cahn ching cho…,” I’m not sure that is what the Chinaman was saying, but the sounds coming from his Asian kisser rolled out exactly like ...

Traitors! That’s what they are. Get it from me my friend, you can never be friends with a cop. They have no frigging idea how to be loyal, ...

I met this mzungu at a function the other day. Scott is his name. Said he came for a visit and fell in love with this here country. Now, ...

Random thoughts...
My random thoughts begin on this Sunday morning. I am in this Super Metro matatu from Kikuyu, heading to town —and you are coming along. On my lap ...

If the National Super Alliance (Nasa) collapses, Raila’s best bet is to boycott the election. This has more honour than failing to capture the presidency for the fourth ...